tisdag 26 maj 2015

Seapilot2Star 2015 with Joan - Second leg finished

The other J/105 in our group trying their code in light conditions.
The second leg went west från Visby on Gotland to Oskarshamn on the swedish mainland, ca 65 Nm. We managed to climb a bit in the results to third place in our group. Winds were in the range from NW in the morning turning to S aftrer a long calm period and then back to W closer to the mainland. Wind speeds between 5 and 15 knots except for the calm period. Genoa most of the time and A3 for a couple of hours before and after the calm period. Mostly sunny and nice weather. A lot nicer than on the first leg but still chilly in the evening.Tomrrow we are expecting mostly downwind conditions in light winds for the last long leg back to Oxelösund.

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